Comments from Participants [2007]

19th Annual Postsecondary LD Training Institute (PTI)

June, 2007


~ Comments from Participants ~

Comments included herein are from participants who provided their name on their evaluation form and those comments that were general in nature. Specific comments relative to sessions are relayed to presenters with other data specific to their individual strand/session.

The mean "overall evaluation" of the Institute was 4.58 (on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest) indicating participants were, once again, extremely pleased with the Institute.

"The institute was awesome! I’ll be back next year!" L. Burton-Grika, Philadelphia, PA

"PTI reenergizes me. Being with 300 other disability ‘specialists’ is informative and gives me a sense of community. A lot of what I liked was the informal conversations." D. Lindenberg, Bennington, VT

"I really appreciate you running this as a training institute rather than a conference. I feel like I just benefitted from excellent summer school classes. My colleagues in the field are high quality professionals, and it was fun to get to know as many of them as I could." N. Filbin, Bozeman, MT

"I brought three professors and a librarian with me to PTI because they are going to join my eleven life coaches for my LD/ADD program. We were all inspired by this institute!" K. Kearse, Gaffney, SC

"I have attended two previous Institutes. I have always found them very productive and this year was no exception. The strands provide in-depth information that is difficult to find in other professional training formats…" J. Fischer, Toms River, NJ

"PTI is clearly an institute, not a conference!" S. Shinebarger, Schenectady, NY

"The institute is chock-full of information. I could do this for five days. I could listen to the presenters all day easily. Vacuum packed." R. McCarty, Paul Smiths, NY

"I’ve attended many workshops and conferences over the years, and I have to say that PTI is by far the most helpful! The three-day strands allow you to gain enough information to move forward with motivation. Additionally, interacting with colleagues across the U.S. and Canada was truly my pleasure." W. Kohler, Philadelphia, PA

"Very good institute! I always come back with lots of good information, new ideas, and best of all, a networking team. Thanks for making this a #1 conference." K. Tate, Dallas, TX

"Thank you for once again offering the most helpful training to DS providers. I can’t imagine any other resource so comprehensive." C. Earley Hadden, Albany, NY

"This is truly a helpful and oustanding event. I hope to attend every year. Honestly, I feel this institute is much better organized and relevant to my work than [another] conference." K. Montie, Charlotte, NC

"This is my second UConn conference. The Strands I took this year were so relevant to our every day operations. I know that I can implement the tools I have received as soon as I return to the workplace. Thank you for a very encouraging and inspiring time with others living in the same boat!" D. Williams, Troy, NY

"This was the best professional development activity I have taken part in. I will definitely be back, along with other members from my staff! Thanks so much!" S. Crabtree, Knoxville, TN

"This was helpful, entertaining, and refreshing! I feel re-energized to return to my position, fortified with information and ideas." V. Riley, Aston, PA

"Wonderful conference! The topics/sessions were informative and directly related to my job. I left this conference more confident in my job, with new ideas and perspectives, and rejuvenated. It was like a breath of fresh air for my career." M. Maxey, Boone, NC

"The conference was great – important topics were presented in the strands… I have learned a great deal that can be put into practice immediately and have received many ideas for future implementation." K. Henkel, Utica, NY

"Attending this conference has so many benefits to those new in the field. The amount of useful information is huge – but we also get the chance to meet and talk to so many people who understand what we go through. Bravo!" T. Keune, Rutland, VT