Participant Comments [2009]


21st Annual Postsecondary LD Training Institute (PTI)

June, 2009




~ Comments from Participants ~

Comments included herein are from participants who provided their name on their evaluation form and those comments that were general in nature. Specific comments relative to sessions are relayed to presenters with other data specific to their individual strand/session.

The mean “overall evaluation” of the Institute was 4.56 (on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest) indicating participants were, once again, extremely pleased with the Institute.

“The institute is invaluable in providing practical training that can be used immediately. The topics are relevant, the presenters are outstanding, and are experts in their field. I gained so much from this week, and hope I’ll be able to attend more in the future. What an outstanding PTI (once again)! Thanks!” A. Peters, Tarrant County College, TX

“I’ve enjoyed this once again. Thank you for providing these sessions and presenters; we have learned a lot! Hopefully, we will see you all next year.” R. Hefney, Clinton Junior College, SC

“Wonderful conference… The information presented will be applied to my office immediately. Thank you. I plan to attend again.” W. Loch, Adams State College, CO

“Clearly one of the best conferences I have attended! Many thanks to all who worked on the conference and to the gifted presenters!” C. Mitchell, Kehayan Felician College, NJ

“Always well organized. The institute allows one to deeply learn hot topics, reflect on one’s own practice and leave with a plan of action.” S. Shinebarger, Union College, NY

“I have taken and applied several techniques learned at PTI each year successfully and efficiently! Thank you!” T. Tuttle, Bethany College, WV

“I wish I could bring half my faculty with me-there is so much to learn at each institute. Wonderful resources for recharging my knowledge base!” C. Stephens, Wesley College, DE

“PTI was a great experience. It gave an in-depth look at very applicable issues. I look forward to learning and growing again next year.” M. McLaughlin Yannes, Kutztown University, PA

“As usual, it was an overall success. I really enjoyed the material.” T. Delaney, McNeese State University, LA

“This was a terrific learning experience. I regret not being able to stay for the entire conference. Thank you for continuing to offer a high quality conference for DS with the strand model. It works as I desire to learn more about a topic and always feel there was not enough time to devote to it.” M. Stevens Cooper, Bucks County Community College, PA

“This is a wonderful training, which provides me much needed tools to utilize in my profession. Thank you for the opportunity.” R. Holbrook, Weber State University, UT

“Content was meaty, not fluff. In-depth format satisfies needs of novices and veterans in this field.” J. Thorpe, University of Alabama, AL

“Excellent format – the strand approach allows attendees to explore a topic in depth and interact with the speaker.” K. Hoover, Neumann University, PA

“One of the best conferences I’ve attended in 27 years of higher ed student services. Thank you for a good experience.” D. Avillion, Northwest Florida State College

“This was a wonderful, valuable institute. Not only did I learn new material to help me perform my job better, but I was also reminded of important points that I had forgotten. As usual, some of your presenters are top notch in terms of their knowledge, practices, and compassion.” L. Burton-Grika, Community College of Philadelphia, PA

“A usual a great institute, a lot of really good information it reinforces what I do and always give many good things to bring back. Thank you.” K. Thibault, St. Joseph College, CT

“One of the best professional development trainings I’ve ever attended. Well worth the cost. Not only is the material and training excellent, but the contacts I’ve made are invaluable. Thank you so much – I’ll be back!” S. Williamson, Emmanuel College, GA

“PTI is a tremendous resource for disability service providers. Just finishing my first year in the field, I found this conference an invaluable source of training for my years ahead in this field.” J. Winner, Oberlin College, OH

“Spending two hours with a presenter fosters an in-depth examination and understanding of a topic. Conference = too much information and information overload; Institute = Deeper knowledge in one or two key areas that can be taken back and applied immediately. Thanks!” S. Wilson-Barker, Husson University, ME

“The strand format is the best! The presenters were all knowledgeable and well-versed in all the recent changes in the field. They were approachable and encouraged questions and comments. The sessions were interactive and practical. I can’t wait for next year’s institute.” N. Douglas, The University of the Arts, PA

“Although skeptical at first, I found the 3-day strand concept to be engaging and highly informative. This was my first time attending and I hope to be able to in the future. I thought the topics were just right for my interests.” M. Zipin, Bucks County Community College, PA

“This training has been great to review knowledge and to update new information. It also provided with the opportunities to reflect on what we have done and he we can do differently to improve our services. Great organization, great faculty and staff. Thank you.” M. Shih, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario

“Just a thank you – this was an incredibly useful, practical, exciting conference.” M. Etter, Lyndon State College, VT

“Being new to the field of disability services in higher education, I found PTI a valuable source of information for legal guidelines, ethical matters and best practices. I hope to attend next year.” P. Randolph, Tulane University, LA

“This was an amazing opportunity for me because I’m the first person from my institution to come to PTI. The information was invaluable to me and what I do for our University. Thank you.” A. Minch, West Liberty University, WV

“The Postsecondary Training Institute consistently provides quality, up to date relevant training for the disability professional. It is the standard-setter for the disability worker in higher ed. Keep up the good work.” L. Wiley, University of West Florida

“This was my first time attending PTI. As a ‘newbie’ to the Disability Services field with one year of experience at my university, this conference was an amazing experience for me. Not only were the sessions I attended informative, but the networking contacts I’ve made will be very useful in keeping in touch with others in the field. I certainly look forward to taking so much of what I’ve learned and implementing at my university. Can’t wait for PTI in 2010.” A. Osowski, State University of New York at New Paltz

“I had been attending [another conference in the field] for many years and felt like I needed a change. A colleague of mine at last year’s conference recommended this one to me. I am so thankful! This has been very refreshing and substantive – I’m taking a lot back to my college!” S. Herlong, York Technical College, SC

“This is a fabulous way to become immersed in the subject of Disability Services. As a student affairs practitioner, this was a great introduction for me to understand a variety of ways to begin conversations on my campus concerning the needs of this often-overlooked population!” S. Friedman, Keck Graduate Institute, CA