Participant Comments [2010]


22nd Annual Postsecondary LD Training Institute (PTI)

June, 2010




~ Comments from Participants ~

Comments included herein are from participants who provided their name on their evaluation form and those comments that were general in nature. Specific comments relative to sessions are relayed to presenters with other data specific to their individual strand/session.

The mean “overall evaluation” of the Institute was 4.62 (on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest) indicating participants were, once again, extremely pleased with the Institute.

“Very informative, excellent presenters. I wanted to attend more sessions than time would allow. Looking forward to next year. Thank you.” D. Levesque, Briarcliff, NY

“PTI is always a wonderful experience. The Institute is always chalked full of current and applicable information; presenters share valuable resources and tools. Attending PTI is the best investment a professional should make for themselves, their institution, and the students they have!” T. Horner, Johnstown, PA

“I found each session I attended to be extremely useful to me as a fairly new disability services professional. Each presenters was excellent, well informed, prepared, and competent. I am very glad I attended and plan to attend in the future.” H. Bar-Giora, Philadelphia, PA

“I always enjoy the great atmosphere and networking opportunities mixed in with the abundance of information I receive from the various presenters. I am going home with many new ideas. Thank you!” D. Dimitrovski, Hamburg, NY

“Always good to attend a conference which provides practical ‘How To,’ ‘Best Practice,’ or new ideas which are easily applicable to my institution.” T. Vires, Gaffney, SC

“This Institute provides tools and knowledge to enable me to do my job at a higher level. But beyond that, it serves as a forum for support, sharing, and rejuvenation. Thanks.” A. Pylant, Dallas, TX

“This was my first time and the information was fantastic. It is information I can apply to everyday situations. Fantastic!” K. Clark, Arlington, TX

“Looking forward to coming back!” E. Santo Pietro, New York, NY

“Excellent, practical information – keep the advanced Strands coming!” N. Jain, New York, NY

“I find this Institute very helpful. This is my second year. But I hope to be back for years to come. Thank you!” D. Taylor, Scranton, PA

“Absolutely necessary programming for anyone working in disability services in higher education.” C. Fabio, Boston, MA

“PTI is a great program for people in disability services. It gives an in-depth look at hot topics in law and practice.” M. McLaughlin Yannes, Kutztown, PA

“Wonderful program. Looking forward to next year.” D. Lindenberg, Bennington, VT

“Great job! Great conference!” T. Coveney, Dallas, PA

“I found the information presented in the Strands to be timely, interconnected, and thought-provoking. Most valuable was the interaction with colleagues who are similar challenges. Such amazing professionals and this Institute helps us all follow best practices. Thank you!” N. Filbin, Bozeman, MT

“Great conference! Things were well organized, went smoothly, and great info as well. Loved the poster session – do it again!” C. White, McMinnville, OR

“The Institute is great for beginners and those with advanced knowledge in the field. Each year I leave with renewed energy and excitement for the field – taking home many new ideas and procedures.” S. Shinebarger, Schenectady, NY

“… Well organized. All presenters were phenomenal in their energy, passion, speaking skills, and knowledge/expertise – how refreshing! Found the Strand format to be highly effective in understanding and absorbing presented material. Well done!” A. Ljubicic, New London, CT

“The learning environment is most conducive to a range of persons’ training and experience as ‘adult learners’ are in higher and higher learning professional challenges. It is welcoming, accepting, supportive, and extremely well constructed and informative.” A. Dodd, Abilene, TX

“I feel very excited and fortunate to have the opportunity to spend thee whole days focusing on professional development that specifically targets my specific area of student support, managing a center for students with disabilities.” S. Seinader, Toronto, Canada

“This was my first time at PTI and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope I can come back next year.” J. Hart Schutte, Mitchell, SD

“May be nature of Institute as I am first-time attendee, but there is very limited downtime and overload of info. Have done [another conference] once and this material, presenters, etc., blew that conference away. Thank you!” L. Jeannerette, California, PA

“Can’t say enough positive things about PTI. This was my second year attending the conference. The presenters are enthusiastic and knowledgeable. The networking is great. I came away extremely enriched by the information I learned.” A. Osowski< New Paltz, NY
The following comments are from participants who did not provide their name but offered comments that were also general in nature.

“PTI is practical, putting theory into practice. You walk away not only learning but applying what you’ve learned. In my book, this is the biggest compliment you can give any instructor/inspiration coach.”

“First time. Very impressed with material, organization, physical space. Thanks.”

“Thanks to all who work behind the scenes to organize the Institute.”

“Excellent presentations”

“As usual, PTI provided excellent information.”

“So glad that this conference/institute is offered every year! For those who repeat attendance, it provides updated professional development in disability related services in higher ed – for those new attendees, it provides a firm base of professional – especially practical applications!”

“Speaker/presenter pairs all worked very well together in providing complementary views. All speakers very engaging, knowledgeable, clear.”

“This is my first time to the conference. I found it extremely informative, especially as I am fairly new to the field.”

“Learnt so much. So well organized. Would love to come back next year.”

“This conference made me realize that disability services is more than a job – it really is a career.”

“Excellent strands. Seasoned presenters, great practical take-home resources! I’ve attended [another conference] a few times, which I value greatly, and yet I appreciate the in-depth training and smaller venue!”

“Great conference as usual.”

“The poster session was a terrific idea. Please do this next year and each year!!”

“Quality of conference, best conference I’ve attended!”

“This is a very good conference. Thanks for all your hard work.”

“Excellent conference. The caliber of presenters, as well as the Strand concept, is exceptional. The topics are timely. See you next year!”

“It’s clear the organization and work that goes into this makes for a well oiled wheel. Good work!”

“Keep up the great job! The Strand format is excellent!”

“This Institute was EXTREMELY well organized… staff was helpful, on top of changes and issues and friendly. The Strands were intense, but SO wonderful. I will recommend this Institute to anyone who enters this field!”

“I’ve attended many conferences and I’ve never learned so much in this amount of time. I also found the majority of the presenters to be very dynamic.”

“Great experience for new professional! Thank you!”

“Would recommend this conference to others that work with students with disabilities. The content is helpful for professionals that have been in the field for a long time.”

“Thank you for another great Institute! I really appreciated the variety of topics offered this year!”

“Fantastic training! I enjoy this conference every year and look forward to next year. Thank you for all your work planning this Institute!”

“As always, the sessions were informative, the information lead to excellent discussions and the presenters were organized. I look forward to this Institute each year because there is always something new from the sessions and from my very well informed colleagues. The community you create helps us all. Thank you!”